Hellesdon Sixth Form


Entitlement to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

We aim to provide a comprehensive programme for students at Hellesdon Sixth Form.
All students receive a planned programme of careers education. Its aims are to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to manage lifelong learning and career development. Careers education is delivered through a range of ways including: PSHRE lessons; our tutor programme; conference; employer encounters; experiences of the workplace; additional workshops/educational experiences.

Our Careers Offer

Careers is delivered as part of the PSHRE curriculum. For more detail on this curriculum area please see here

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Year 12

Readiness for work
Career opportunities
Preparing for the world of work

Planning for the future
Exploring future opportunities
Post-18 options
The impact of financial decision

Conference Programme
Y12 Work Experience Week (in school)
Pathways Workshops
Y12 Work Experience Week (out of school)

Further Information about Hellesdon Sixth Form can be found here

Your PSHRE Google Classroom

Your House Google Classroom (your Head of Year will post information about external events/ opportunities)

Year 13 Next steps
Application processes
Future opportunities and career development
Maintaining a positive professional identity
Conference Programme
Pathways Workshops
Advertised Open Events Your Conference Google Classroom
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One to One Guidance

All students are entitled to one-to-one guidance during their time at Hellesdon Sixth Form. You can get help and advice about your future at any time while you are in school. Whether this be for help with your choices after Sixth Form, work experience or advice during the options process. Parents are also able to access support for their child using the same processes.

We have Careers assemblies for individual year groups to facilitate students’ knowledge of available pathways. If a provider would like more information on this please contact the careers leader.

Measurement and Assessment of Careers Programme

As an education establishment we ensure we use the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as a foundation when planning our Careers Strategy. The effectiveness of our provision is inspected and audited by the Careers and Enterprise Company using the Compass Careers Benchmark Tool. This tool is used by schools and colleges in England to support the analysis and evaluation of careers activity against the eight benchmarks of best practice (known as the Gatsby Benchmarks). The Careers and Enterprise Company coordinate the audit deadlines. This ensures the development of our career’s strategy is ongoing to ensure best practice.

Hellesdon Sixth Form is a member of the New Anglia Careers Hub that provides support for school in the process of continuing to develop areas of their careers programme to best meet the needs of our students within our local context. In line with the recommendations set out in Gatsby Benchmark 1, we as a school plan to review the published information on an annual basis.

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