Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

How Hill Residential

We are delighted that many of our Year 2's had another exciting residential at How Hill

The year 2's have been working hard, learning about the history and wildlife of How Hill House and the surrounding habitats. Last week we were so proud of the year 2's who visited.


The children enjoyed long, busy days with the How Hill and school staff completing lots of exciting activities. We unloaded our suitcases and unpacked in our bedrooms (some neater than others in the excitement). On the first day the children went dyke dipping and enjoyed a nature walk around the Broads, marshes and woodlands of How Hill.

After  a delicious dinner of sausage and mash we all settled down for bed and a story. EVENTUALLY.... all was quiet ready for another busy day.

The second day started with an exciting boat trip down the River Ant to Barton broad and some groups even spotted a kingfisher, a heron and a marsh harrier. 

We then created clay Norfolk animals enhanced with natural objects.

After lunch, we visited Toad Hall cottage and the wherry, finding out more about life of the people who used to live, work and holiday on the Broads in the past.

The children then had a go at thatching in teams and we even tested how waterproof  it was. Some of us stayed drier than others... 

We found out about food chains and the importance of a balanced food chain when playing hawks and blackbirds. 

Dinner was tasty pizza and everyone was much sleepier and much quicker to bed on the second night. In the morning we all went orienteering in the grounds before packing up our suitcases and heading back to school. Very tired but having had lots and lots of fun!