Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Showing Respect on Respect Day

Monday 10th October was the chance for us to welcome our families and parents into school to celebrate being Respectful.

At Arden Grove we embody and celebrate our school values, remembered by S.E.A.R.C.H, everyday but focus on them especially through our half-termly value days.

To help children about being respectful we start by talking to our children about how to respect themselves. We talk to children about their different 'parts' : qualities, things they like or dislike, parts that make them unique. We use this ‘Parts language’ to help children understand that they are made up of parts and have some parts the same as others and some parts which are different. We learn that being respectful is understanding and celebrating these things that are the same and the differences between ourselves and others. 

On Monday we invited our parents and carers in to find out more about our Parts people and to have the chance to help their children make their own parts person to go on display in their classroom. We have also talked about being respectful to our environment this half-term, trying hard to turn off lights that are not being used to help save energy and our planet.  

We are really grateful to all our parents and carers who were able to come into school on Monday and we look forward to seeing you and hopefully more of you for our next value day: Empathy if not before.