Junior School

New Road Safety Measures

We are pleased to announce that we have new permanent solutions to help make our children's journeys to school much safer. 

As the children have returned to school, many will have noticed the new posts that have been successfully installed on the pavements outside school, to help with the recent parking issues that members of our school community have been facing.

The new bollards will allow children and families to walk along the pavement, without the obstruction of any parked cars.

In addition to this, we are pleased to announce that our Parish Council has helped us to secure funding from Norfolk County Council for a new zebra crossing to be installed near the airport junction. Shelagh Gurney, a county, district and parish councillor in Hellesdon, said: "I've been trying to secure a zebra crossing there for what feels like an age, so I'm delighted that it has been agreed."

"This is very welcomed news and we are very grateful for the work that Councillor Gurney has done to facilitate the new crossing for the children of Firside. This, along with the new bollards, will make Middletons Lane a much safer place for everybody who accesses our school - especially the children."

- Mrs Robinson, Headteacher