Junior School

5 Ways to Wellbeing challenges

Information about how you can get your child involved with this challenge at home.

We are supporting the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Challenges created by the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing will be a continuing theme in school over the coming months. The challenges are suitable for completion either in school or at home. You can use the checklist to keep track of the challenges completed. Certificates will be awarded at either Bronze (completing 3 tasks in each category), Silver (completing 4 tasks in each category), and Gold (completing all 25 challenges in total) levels. Videos of most of the challenges can be accessed on The WNDSSP Vimeo channel. We will be interested to see any evidence that you create to prove you have completed the challenges. The challenges run until March 7th.

All of this information is also posted on Google Classroom.