Junior School

Children's Online Safety Outside of School

The latest advice from The Department for Education on children's online safety whilst working away from school.


It is extremely important that children stay safe whilst working online and that they know who to contact in order to report any concerns. As well as reporting any concerns directly to a member of staff or one of the school's Safeguarding team, children can also access help and support using the following websites:

We would like to ask all parents/carers to help us ensure that their children are aware of the above reporting routes. It is also equally important that parents and carers are aware of what their children are being asked to do online – for example which sites we will be asking them to access and which staff members they are going to be interacting with online.

Parents/Carers may wish to supplement the remote learning that the school is providing, by using online companies and in some cases individual tutors. We urge these parents/carers to ensure that they are only using secure online support from reputable organisations/individuals who can provide evidence that they are safe and can be trusted to have access to children.

Further support for parents/carers to help keep their children safe online can be accessed using the following links: