Junior School

Important message

To highlight the importance of Freddie's allergies, please see the attached letter from his parents that was included in our newsletter today.

Nut and Fish Allergies – Freddie 


First of all I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this email. The school sent a reminder email out yesterday afternoon reminding parents that there are children in the school with allergies to both nuts and fish. I just thought I’d write this email to you all to explain the seriousness of allergies. In most cases it results in a rash or itch would disappear after a short time but in some cases it is far more serious and in my sons case it is life threatening.


Freddie started Firside yesterday and is allergic to both nuts and fish, in particular fish with both touch and smell triggering off the allergy which would more than likely send Freddie into anaphylactic shock resulting in his body being taken over with hives, his face swelling up so much that he can barely see out of his eyes and his airway becoming swollen thus struggling to breath. The only way to reverse this reaction is to jab him hard in the leg with an Epi pen, an experience that isn’t very pleasant for anybody let alone a small child but an experience Freddie has had to go through on 4 separate occasions. Freddie’s allergies are so severe that there just isn’t the care and testing that he needs in this area so we take him to St Thomas’ hospital in London 2-3 times a year for testing.


Freddie had to come home yesterday at 11.30am as fish was present in 4 lunch boxes, this morning he had to be sent home after just 10 minutes as more than 10 lunch boxes had fish present. I appreciate it is an inconvenience especially if your child only likes certain foods and if that’s what they have always had but sending tuna or other fish into school puts Freddie’s life at risk therefore both my wife and I would be eternally grateful if fish wasn’t sent in lunch boxes. We the same as any parents just want our child to go to school, be happy and safe.


If anybody has any issues or questions on the above then I'd be more than happy to have a conversation either over email or phone. My details are below;



Many thanks in anticipation of your cooperation and understanding in this matter


Kind regards

Dan Muttock