Junior School

Last day for Mother's Day messages in the Norwich Evening News

A reminder that today is the final day to submit your Mother's Day messages to be published in the Norwich Evening News.

If your child would like to submit a message to their Mum, Guardian, Grandma etc the message must be emailed to Mrs Seagrave by 3:15pm today . Messages sent after this time will not be able to be included as they need to be emailed over to the Norwich Evening News.

The message must follow the following guidance:

The surname then first name of the message's recipient.

The child's message (25 words maximum)

Finally, who the message is from.

For example:Smith, Alison - Mummy I love you and you are the greatest ever! - Love from Samantha x

Wording can be upper or lower case.

Please note: If the parent or guardian does not wish to have their name in the paper, you can simply write the message but leave the name off, or simply put Mummy, Aunty, Granny etc