Junior School

Mother's day messages in the Norwich Evening News

Information about how your child can have a message published in the Norwich Evening News for Mother's Day.

Following a successful campaign in 2020 the Norwich Evening News will be celebrating Mother’s Day again in 2021 by publishing a special supplement full of children’s messages.   

This unique feature will offer pupils the opportunity to use their creative writing skills to compose a short message to their Mum, Guardian, Grandma, etc. which will then be published in the Norwich Evening News on Saturday 13th March 2021. All messages will be published free of charge.  

If you would like your child to write a message, please follow the guidelines below and email this directly to Mrs Seagrave by 3:15pm on Thursday 25th February. Any messages received after this time will not be included as they have to be submitted to the Norwich Evening News.

Norwich Evening News are very keen to ensure that all messages appear just as they are written, full of love and character, depicting the individual character of every pupil. 

To ensure this, please follow the very simple but definite guidelines below.

Each message needs to follow the same format: 

The surname and then first name of the message’s recipient. 

Then the child’s message: 25 words maximum please. 

Finally, who the message is from. 

For example: Smith, Alison – Mummy I love you and you are the greatest ever! – Love from Samantha x

Wording can be upper or lowercase. 

Please note: If the parent or guardian does not wish to have their name in the paper, you can simply write the message but leave the name off, or simply put Mummy, Aunty, Granny, etc.