Junior School

Parking and drop off issues

Today I witnessed several bad examples of parking and dropping off children along Middleton's Lane. 

This is unacceptable.

At least two cars were parked on the verge by the school field blocking the path, forcing pupils to walk on the road to get around their cars. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. One parent who commented on this was then shouted at by one of these parents whilst talking to me! This was in front of pupils, which is again UNACCEPTABLE behaviour by ADULTS.

Several parents also pulled up in front of the school blocking the traffic to drop off their children. No car should stop on the yellow zig-zags or on the other side of the road to drop off children.

The Norfolk Constabulary are aware of these incidents and will be carrying out more regular patrols, tackling any incidents and taking action when necessary.

I am really disappointed by the behaviour and attitude of some of our parents who are clearly not considering the risk to other children when parking and dropping off their own children.

Mr Keer

Deputy Headteacher