Junior School

World Book Day events

Apologies if anyone missed the newsletter that went out last Friday detailing some events we are holding as part of our celebration of World Book Day during the week commencing Monday 28th February. Here is a run down of two things that you need to be aware of:

On Thursday 3rd March, we are having a special World Book Day themed lunch. This is payable via SCOPAY as usual.

On Friday 4th March, we are asking children to participate in 'Dress as a word' day. Children could come as the word 'festive' and have tinsel wrapped round them, they could be 'camouflage' and come dressed in camouflaged clothing or they could be 'magical' and come dressed as a wizard! Outfits can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. A simple idea would be to come as a colour or even 'multicoloured' and have every item of clothing a different colour.

If you need some inspiration, type in World Book Day word parade or vocabulary parade into a Google search and there are lots of great ideas on there!