Junior School

Y6 Property collection and arrangements for the end of term.

Dear Year 6 Parents,

On Monday we will be sending home pupil books and the Leavers Hoodies. So please bring in a plastic bag to collect everything! Pupils may wear the hoodies for the rest of the term.

Our plans for the end of term are:

On Friday 17th July as a leavers treat, the kitchen staff are making bacon rolls and muffins for all the Year 6 pupils (vegetarian and vegan sausages are available as an alternative)

On Monday we are hosting a bubble virtual quiz compared remotely by Mr Coe and Mr Laskey (expect some awful jokes!)

On Tuesday (the last day) we are holding bubble parties, having a final day (free) non-uniform day.

FoF are very generously providing ice creams served by Mrs Robinson, Mr Keer and Mrs Seagrave.  

We have also bought every Year 6 pupil a white Firside Leavers T-shirt that they can get signed by their class mates.


For those Year 6 pupils not in school:

Between 2pm and 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon the books, any remaining kit and the Y6 Firside leavers hoodies and T-shirts will be available to collect from outside the school office.

If you have any library books or football kits to return, there will be a collection point to leave these at as well.

If you are unable to collect these on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will try delivering them to each pupil on the Thursday.