Junior School

Y6 residential return arrangments

A reminder about the arrangements for collection of children from the Y6 residential today. Please read carefully.

Children will return at approximately 2pm.

The gates will be open for parents at approximately 1:50pm. Parents should wait on the playground to pick their children up. No cars will be permitted on the school site.

The children will be walked round to the back playground to meet their parents - please do not try to take your child directly from the bus.

If you wish to pick up any siblings at the same time you must go to the school office once you have picked up your Y6 child. Your Y6 child will then be allowed through the office into the school to go and collect their sibling to go home early.

Any Year 6 children not picked up at 2pm will remain in school until the end of the school day. No child will be permitted to leave on their own before 3:15pm.