Junior School

Year 5 homework 25.9.20

Today we are setting our first piece of formal homework for the children in Year 5. A grammar task has been set on Google Classroom and should be completed on there. The document has been set to be edited so there is no need to print anything out. You will also find the main year group spellings on there too that were issued on Monday. They will be tested on Mondays and new spellings issued in the same lesson.

We have been talking to the children over the last few weeks about their ability to get on Google Classroom at home. Any child who has expressed a difficulty in accesssing Google Classroom at home has been given a paper copy of the homework task. Where possible we would like children to be using Google Classroom for homework tasks. If your child cannot complete the work on GC, please get them to complete the paper copy.

The children have been invited to the Year 5 classrooms on Google Classroom and have had a go at logging on this week in Computing lessons with Mr Dixon.

If your child has forgotten their username or password for Google Classroom, please contact Mrs Seagrave