Junior School

Our School

We are a happy school that takes pride in our fully inclusive approach and our strong commitment to educating the whole child. We hope that you are able to get a sense of our fantastic school community through browsing our website. It is thanks to the supportive and strong partnership between children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community itself that we are able to achieve so much.

Visitors frequently comment on the friendly, positive and welcoming atmosphere at our school. Attendance and behaviour are excellent  and we have a good reputation in both the local and wider community. We like to learn together, have fun and enjoy celebrating success.

Our school has the benefit of being situated just off Middletons Lane, on a large site that is shared with Hellesdon Community Pre-school, Kinsale Infant School and Hellesdon High School. We have good working relationship with all our local Infant Schools supporting each other and ensuring a smooth transition from infant to junior school. Our excellent links with Hellesdon High School ensure that our children are well prepared for their move to the High School at the end of Year 6.

Our school motto ‘Learning and Achievement for All’ is very real, and we invite you to come and visit to see for yourself. 


Our Vision

Vision Statement for Kinsale Junior School

At Kinsale Junior School we wish to promote a culture of Learning and Achievement for all, within a caring and supportive environment. It is our intention that all who work within and for the school will thrive to fulfil their potential, experience success and celebrate their achievements.

Our pupils will become well-rounded, socially successful individuals who recognise the relevance and value of life long learning and we will encourage them to become highly motivated, confident, independent learners. We have a simple motto: ‘Encouragement works best and success breeds success’.

How we will achieve this?

  • By providing a broad balanced curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Norfolk Curriculum Policy Statement,
  • By providing an inclusive education, valuing and treating pupils as individuals,
  • By fostering values that create positive learning opportunities for individuals; Intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually, through co-operation with peers and adults,
  • By providing a working environment that demands high standards of work and activity through high expectations and consideration of others,
  • By raising standards through excellence in teaching where children enjoy their learning experiences,
  • By ensuring co-operation between all those involved in management and provision at the school through the establishment of good planning practices,
  • By applying the resources available to the school to best effect, providing the widest possible opportunities for all, Ensuring the continuing development of the evaluation of educational activity, assessment, record keeping and testing including all legal requirements,
  • By ensuring the continuing development of the school’s relationship with parents/carers, neighbouring schools, appropriate agencies and the local community.

Our Aims

In all our dealings with the children in our care we aim to develop the full potential of each individual. Every pupil is helped to progress through the educational process at an appropriate rate so that he or she may realise that potential. In order to bring this about we believe that it is essential to foster development in the following areas:


We aim to introduce each child to the ways of knowing the world, so that s/he is helped to develop a lively, enquiring mind with the ability to think, question and argue rationally. At the same time we aim to develop the skills (particularly of reading, writing, listening and speaking, number and research), which will help the child to learn, and to make learning an enjoyable and successful experience.


We aim to encourage each child in his or her development towards full and active membership of society, enabling him or her to cooperate happily with others.


We aim to aid the individual's physical development so that he or she is strong, healthy and equipped with the physical skills, which will enable full participation in the activities of the school, and life in general.


We aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which each pupil can experience and test relationships, develop a positive self-image and his or her own individuality.


We aim to develop an awareness of moral values, a respect for oneself, a tolerance for and understanding of the way of life of others and a concern for their rights.


We aim to introduce the child to an understanding of culture and religion.

Our Values

Our curriculum actively promotes the fundamental British Values of:


We promote democracy through a pupil elected school council and house captains. Children's voice is deeply valued. 

The Rule of Law

Visits from authorities such as the police, fire services and air ambulance reinforce the importance of the rule of law. Rules and expectations at Kinsale Junior School are clear and fair.

Individual Liberty

Individual liberty is promoted through e-safety, PSHE, Citizenship and SMSC. Children are taught about their rights and responsibilities and personal freedom safely. They are educated about risks to their safety and given strategies to prevent/respond to these. Supporting pupils to develop their self esteem and self confidence is prominent in the ethos of the school and there is a strong anti-bullying culture.
Kinsale Junior School's code of conduct, displayed in every classroom, holds 'treating others as you wish to be treated' as a core value.


Respect is promoted as an underlying principle across the curriculum, including faith, ethnicity, gender and different family situations. Prejudicial and discriminatory behaviour is challenged by children and adults in the school.




Our Trust

Kinsale Junior School officially became part of The Wensum Trust on 1 July 2019.

As part of The Wensum Trust, our school benefits from a wealth of opportunities to help achieve the Trust-wide ethos of developing happy and engaged children at all stages of the educational journey.

The Wensum Trust has schools situated within three geographical hubs across Norfolk, providing seamless transitions from early years through to sixteen plus. The City hub has schools in and around Norwich, the Rural hub includes schools in and around Acle and the Coastal hub comprises schools on the North Norfolk coast.

All three hubs work closely together to provide a rich and diverse range of experiences for children within all Trust schools. Community partnerships, often unique to The Wensum Trust, are developed locally with organisations such as the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, North Walsham Rugby Club and Wells Sea Cadets, and made accessible across all three hubs. This creates an educational approach which is far broader and deeper than just the academic national curriculum and builds opportunities for all children to discover where they excel and to develop into confident, healthy and fulfilled members of society.  

For more information on The Wensum Trust, please visit their website using the link below.