Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Sport Premium

Sport Premium is an initiative that aims to help increase and improve the PE and sporting opportunities for children. It was first provided in the 2013/14 academic year and the current government has pledged to continue this funding until 2020. Since the government allocation, from September 2013, of funding to schools in order to support the provision and quality of P.E. and sport we endeavour to utilise this to get the best value for money and maximise its impact across the school.

This year, we will be receiving approximately £17,120. The annual plan and the review of impact from the previous year can be found in the links below.


As a result of the additional funding, we aim to...

  • Purchase new playground equipment for all children to access during playtimes and PE lessons.
  • Introduce and incorporate daily yoga/mindfulness sessions to embed children's understanding of managing stress and anxiety. New yoga after-school clubs to be introduced to further embed children's knowledge and understanding.
  • Improve the assessment and monitoring of P.E. lessons to ensure all children make good progress in P.E.
  • Increase children's participation in P.E. and sport through offering a wide range of after-school clubs.
  • Offer regular health days/weeks and health assemblies to promote healthy living and lifestyles.
  • Offer all children opportunities to take part in sports festivals alongside other schools, to increase their engagement and motivation towards P.E.
  • Buying membership to West Norwich and Dereham SSP to provide staff with support and training.

Future targets

  • To continue to develop the playground area
  • To continue to update and replace P.E. equipment. 
  • Recruit a PE apprentice to support us in 2019-20 

How is Sport Premium monitored? 

This is monitored by our linked governor, Anne Oakley. Impact is also reviewed by the subject leaders Mrs Coston & Miss Vaissiere. With the SSP membership, the subject leaders have regular visits from our SSP partner. This partnership provides us with termly meetings, offering professional support, which helps us identify and meet targets to enhance our PE provision. This helps us target our Sports Premium money.

Can we do more?

We are looking to develop the environment (such as play time equipment) and how we can increase access to resources.