Heather Avenue

Infant School

Our Staff

Headteacher: Ms Stacey Coleman - Mathematics and Science

Teaching Staff (September 2020-21)

Mrs Anna Barker Nurture Group Special Educational Needs / English / RWI
Miss Ruth Lilley Year 1 & 2 Learning Outside the Classroom / Computing / RE
Mrs Wendy Howes Year 2 PE / Geography / ECO
Mrs Rachel Bailey
Miss Charlotte Dyball (on maternity leave)
Mrs Victoria McNorton
Year 1 Music
Philosophy / PSHE
Philosophy / PSHE
Mrs Louise Stevens 
Mrs Kerry Houston
Year R Art
Miss Hannah Stanislawski Year R History / DT


Cover Supervisors
Miss Emma Barley
Mrs Faye Jones
Mrs Conni Keeney

Learning Support Assistants
Miss Tina Allen
Mrs Lauren Baldwin
Mrs Kayleigh Bennett
Mrs Beverley Blyth
Mrs Claire Farmer (on maternity leave)
Mrs Hannah Felstead
Mrs Sarah Page
Miss Annie Jennings
Miss Chloe Norman
Miss Naomi Southgate

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlotte Foster
Miss Arwen Spencer

Parent Support Advisor
Mrs Leigh Muff

School Secretaries
Ms Chantal Cooke
Mrs Leigh Muff

Cleaning / Caretaker
Mr Alex Watling

Midday Supervisory Assistants
Miss Tina Allen
Mrs Kayleigh Bennett
Mrs Hannah Felstead
Mrs Michelle Hammond
Ms Marie Revell
Mrs Wendy Nicholls
Mrs Jessica Watling

Dinner Assistant
Ms Emma Cheshire
Ms Helen Morris

English Hub
Miss Laura Anderson (English Hub Lead)
Mrs Anna Barker (Literacy Specialist)
Ms Stacey Coleman (Strategic Lead and Literacy Specialist)
Ms Chantal Cooke (English Hub Administrator)
Ms Rachael Finney (Literacy Specialist)
Mrs Wendy Howes (Literacy Specialist)
Ms Melanie Rymer (Literacy Specialist)
Mrs Elaine Shepherd (Literacy Specialist)
Mrs Sarah Spears (Literacy Specialist)
Mrs Rebecca Starman (Literacy Specialist)