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Infant School


Parents and carers are asked to telephone the school before the start of the school day to inform us of the absence of their child. It is particularly important to do this so that we are in a position to investigate any unexplained absences, which may indicate some mishap to a child on the way to school.

Please note that children arriving at school after 9:20am are classed as having an unauthorised absence, with the exception of those children who arrive late due to medical appointments. Please make every effort ot ensure that your child arrives to school on time at 8:50am each day. Arriving late means that children miss the important start to lessons when the work is explained. 


Attendance figures for the week ending: 10th June 2022

Hedgehogs 98%
Butterflies 97%
Woodpeckers 98%
Badgers 93%
Squirrels 96%

Government and school targets are for all children to achieve at least 96% attendance. 


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