Alderman Peel

High School

Most Able, Gifted and Talented

At Alderman Peel High we aim to provide the best education we can for all our students with a curriculum that is stimulating and challenging. Success is achieved in close partnership with students, teachers, parents, carers and other members of the community.

All students in our school are given fair and equal opportunities to develop their full potential with positive regard to gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious background, sexuality and disability.

In our school, we provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our children. We plan our teaching and learning in such a way that we enable each child to reach for the highest level of personal achievement.

Our policy document helps to ensure that we recognise and support the needs of those children in our schools who have been identified as ‘most able’, ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ (MA, G & T) according to national guidelines.

Through this policy we aim to:

  • create a school atmosphere where learning takes place for all
  • celebrate success in all areas of learning
  • ensure that we recognise and support the needs of our students
  • enable students to develop to their full potential
  • ensure that we challenge and extend the students through the work that we set
  • encourage students to think and work independently

Please feel free to contact Mr Brett (MAGT co-ordinator) if you require any other information. In the meantime, please find some useful resources below.