Alderman Peel

High School

Mental Health & Well-being

Student and Staff wellbeing has always been a priority at APHS and now, more than ever, it is essential that we all encourage each other and take responsibility for looking after ourselves by following advice and seeking additional support when we need it. If you had a suspected broken leg, you would seek help, likewise, if you need mental health support you should speak up. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and, as we know, they often work together.

We take a whole-school approach to mental health and encourage students and staff to think about both their mental and physical well-being by making sure relevant information is always available at the time it is needed. Our Hub provides full-time, specialist staff to help students with their concerns or worries as well as provide advice on where to seek further support.

Our culture and approach towards mental health and well-being is our strongest tool. Every day is a Mental Health day and we must all be kind and supportive towards our peers and colleagues. As parents, staff and students we must model this behaviour at all times.