Alderman Peel

High School


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

At Alderman Peel High School, we place a strong emphasis on STEM education throughout our curriculum.

Students will engage with STEM in all of the Sciences, Computing, Design and Technology and Mathematics lessons. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for our students in cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities to broaden students understanding in these areas and increase STEM capital in our students. 

The knowledge and skills developed in the STEM subjects are vital for all students to become creative and informed problem solvers who can thrive in an ever-changing job market in the future.

Mr B Tawana, Assistant Principal, oversees the STEM programme and works with a team of incredibly passionate and talented staff (STEM Associates) to provide significant opportunities for students at the school.

Mrs A Moffat:  Associate of Technology & STEM Coordinator
Mr J Nash:  STEM Associate of Science
Mrs H Barker:  STEM Associate of Mathematics


STEM Initiatives


  • Annual Science Fair (all years)
    As part of Science Week, students are encouraged to showcase their love of science by challenging facts, asking questions, inventing solutions and presenting their findings. Working in pairs/teams, students take part in the Science Fair by conducting a demonstration, involving visitors in an activity, providing a visual poster and a verbal explanation  Visitors to the Science Fair include students and staff from APHS and the local primary schools and the winners are selected by external judges.
  • Science Club (all years monthly lunchtime)
    A club designed to provide the opportunity for students to have fun exploring scientific concepts.


         Design & Technology…

  • NEON Futures ‘Logistics Factory’ (Y7 annual workshop day)
    Students work in teams to problem solve, collaborate and be creative to meet budgets, weight restrictions and specifications. Run by Hartlepool College of Further Education and funded by EngineeringUK
  • Crest Discovery Award ‘Machines of the Future’ (Y8 annual workshop day)
    Students work in teams to design a household product that uses machine learning/AI. In partnership with STEM Ambassadors from RAF Marham and funded by British Science Association
  • Construction Challenge (Y8 annual workshop)
    Students learn the principles of engineering and work in teams to build structures using Meccano against the clock. In partnership with STEM Ambassadors from RAF Marham and funded by Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
  • Principles of Flight (Y9 annual workshop)
    Students learn the basics of flight and build and test balsa wood gliders. In partnership with STEM Ambassadors from RAF Marham and funded by Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
  • Coding (Y9 annual workshop day)
    Students learn to code drones using block programming and work in teams to create a coded synchronised drone dance. Funded by APHS and run by RAF STEM Partner, Hyett Education
  • STEM ‘Tech Tuesdays’ Club (KS3 weekly lunchtime)
    Students learn coding, compete in challenges and use the D&T ‘Maker Space’ resources to make models and build structures to solve problems #TechWeCan #FIXperts #STEMPointEast
  • CAD/CAM Club: ‘Airgineers’ Mirco-Drones (all years weekly after-school)
    Students design, build and learn to fly a radio controlled quadcopter (also known as a drone) using 3D modelling software and 3D printers. There is also a competitive element to Airgineers, as students can fly their micro-drones in team games, individual challenges and time trials.
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Club (all years weekly after-school)
    A national competition aimed at encouraging students to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams from around the UK. Supported by mentors from ARM
  • D&T/STEM Competitions Google Classroom (all years online code: 3dvepj5)
    Designed to inspire young designers, inventors, scientists and engineers (11-16) who are keen to explore an area of interest and develop independent learning and problem solving skills by providing access to a range of exciting national D&T/STEM competitions and challenges.
    This online resource also provides the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded peers and the chance to gain recognition from the wider school community, members of industry and STEM employers.
  • STEM Clubs Week (annual national competition)
    As part of STEM Clubs Week, students are encouraged to enter a national competition which challenges young people from across the UK to design sustainable solutions to everyday problems. In 2020, Bethany K. in Y7 came second with her sustainable city design! Run by STEM Learning
  • Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize (annual national competition)
    Launched in 2014, this national competition challenges teams of young people aged 11-16 to design, test and develop technology enterprises for social good and fosters entrepreneurial skills needed for their future work. In 2020, it became the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize and we are extremely proud that two of our Y7 students, Annabelle P. and Lily R., were one of the 3 runners up to win £5000 for our school!

  • STEM Robotics Club (all years weekly lunchtime)
    Students build and program robots using Lego Mindstorm kits (sumo and line follower) and compete in regional, national and international competitions (e.g. in 2019, a team of Y7-8 students travelled to Estonia to compete in Robotex International, sponsored by Dudgeon Community Fund, and were finalists!)
  • Drone Simulator Club (all years weekly lunchtime)
    Students can learn to fly using an RC controller a variety of drones and RC aircraft
  • Computer Science Club (KS4 weekly lunchtime)
    A club designed to provide the opportunity for students to choose and explore CS related concepts related to coursework projects.


  • UKMT Maths Challenge
    An annual competition promoting problem solving and collaboration. The challenge encourages mathematical reasoningprecision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

  • Maths Class for Advanced Mathematics (weekly after-school by invitation only)