Alderman Peel

High School

Looked After Children

and Post Looked After Children

The hope of any parent/carer is that their child will enjoy their years in school, that they will be supported appropriately in their education, and they will achieve their full potential.

Success in education also provides the child with the best opportunity to gain confidence and skills throughout childhood and therefore assists them in achieving their potential in all aspects of their adult life.

For children in residential and foster care, these aspirations are equally important.

“All communication I have had with the school has been excellent, and I have felt that both my child and I are very important to the school”

(Comment from a Carer)

At Alderman Peel High School our Designated Teacher for Looked After Children (Mr Tawana: Assistant Headteacher) champions the importance of Looked After Children striving for educational achievement, and being challenged and supported to meet their full individual potential. He has improved inter-agency communication, and collaboration across education and health and social services at all levels which have contributed to a greater understanding of the needs of Looked After Children and ultimately to their success at Alderman Peel High School.

Please contact Mr Tawana if you are a carer and wish to send your child to Alderman Peel High School