Alderman Peel

High School

APHS Receive Music Mark Award

Alderman Peel High has recently received a Music Mark award in recognition of the school's commitment to providing high-quality music education.

Our school is committed to offering a broad and balanced Music curriculum and strives to deliver high-quality musical outcomes for all our students. This was recently recognised by the Norfolk Music Hub in July 2021, when they nominated Alderman Peel High to become a Music Mark school.

Music Mark is the UK Association for Music Education, which champions and supports access to music for all children and young people, and it is with great pride that we received our Music Mark award for the academic year 2021/22 academic year.

Our Music teachers are passionate about giving every student the opportunity to discover and pursue their musical talents. This is achieved by organising a variety of inspiring performances and events, as well as working with a range of external experts who provide specialist instrumental lessons in school.

In March 2020, our choir performed at St Andrew's Hall in Norwich, as part of the Norfolk Music Festival's Schools Choir Performances. Since then, our choir has continued to grow (despite the COVID-19 setbacks) and we are proud to have 45 new Year 7 students, equating to a third of the year group, joining our choir this year.

Across all year groups, our students have continued to expand their music theory knowledge and performance abilities by taking graded music exams. The school delivers these across various instruments, and it has been brilliant to see so many merits and distinctions amongst the results.  

Our annual House Music Event was unfortunately cancelled due to the school closures. In order to keep our music students engaged, we decided to run a virtual soloist competition. Students were required to submit an uplifting video of them performing on their chosen instrument. Our judges had a difficult job picking the winners, but we would like to congratulate everyone who took part, with a special mention to our 2020 winners: Wilf L, Sonny M, Amelie F and Charlie F.

 “We are really proud of the breadth of our curriculum and the range of musical opportunities we provide for our students. I would like to thank the Music team at APHS for their continued dedication, which has earned our school this amazing award.”

- Mr Ogle, Principal

Our PERI Team

In addition to our inspiring Head of Music, Mr Rider, students are able to benefit from the talented and experienced peripatetic music teachers that teach a variety of instruments at Alderman Peel High School.

Instruments Teacher
Piano, Brass, Music Theory Mr Howell
Strings Mrs Clinton (Norfolk Music Service)
Drum Kit Mr Lascelles
Guitar Mr Ashby
Piano/Music Theory Mr Preston
Singing Miss Cowell / Miss Street
Woodwind Mr Taylor (Norfolk Music Service)

During the recent school closures, our dedicated staff continued to deliver practical lessons using various online platforms. 24 students received online instrumental tuition and 18 students were able to participate in Music Theory lessons online. 


 “I think we have done really well to achieve the Music Mark award after 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions. We work hard to support our students in their musical journeys, be it in the classroom, online, through peripatetic lessons or in extra-curricular clubs, so it's wonderful to be able to celebrate this achievement with them and with our wider school community.”

- Mr Rider, Music Teacher

Music Lessons at APHS

We offer lessons in a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, drums, singing, strings (violin, viola, cello), woodwind (clarinet, saxophone, flute) and piano. Whether students choose to learn out of enjoyment for the subject, or to work towards taking graded exams, there is something for everyone.

If you are interested in Music lessons at APHS, please visit Mr Rider in the music room to collect an information letter.