Garrick Green

Infant School

w/c 3rd February 2020

There is lots happening in Year 2 class this week...


This week in English we are thinking about writing a diary. We have been learning about the different features of diary writing such as using time words, writing in the first person, written in the past tense.

We have been learning about pronouns. Pronouns are words such as me, she, his, them, herself, each other, it, what. Pronouns are often used to take the place of a noun, when that noun is understood (has already been named), to avoid repeating it. Here is a great video you can watch…


Image result for 3d and 2d shape

In Mrs Ellis’s maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape. We use shapes to talk about and describe things. Some of these shapes have names- how many can your children name? Can the describe the number of sides they have? Are the sides straight or curved? How many vertices (corners) do they have? 2D shapes are flat shapes- we can draw them and use them to describe things but we cannot pick them up. Solid shapes are calle 3D shapes. You can hold 3D shapes. Can your children name any 3D shapes? Can they describe it thinking about how many faces it has; the shape of the faces; the number of edges; the number of vertices?

Here is a great game to play

In Mrs Prophet’s maths they have continued to look at multiplication. Please do lots of counting in multiplies of 2, 5 and 10 at home to support your children with their learning.


In science this week children will be thinking about why we use certain materials and using recycled materials to create new products. A huge thank you to everyone who sent in boxes, tubs etc!


In whole class guided reading we are continuing to look at the book The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. This week we will focus on answering different types of questions using the text.

Diary Dates

  • Monday 10th Feb 830-1030am RE Parent Teacher interviews
  • Tuesday 11th February 2-330pm RE Parent Teacher interviews
  • Thursday 13th February 2-330pm HP Parent Teacher interviews
  • Friday 14th February 830-10am HP Parent Teacher interviews
  • Friday 14th February – Last day of half term and non-uniform day for Nelson’s Journey
  • Saturday 15th – Sunday 23rd HALF TERM
  • Monday 24th February – Back to school