Garrick Green

Infant School


At Garrick Green we promote a culture of ‘reading for pleasure’. We have a beautiful library, there are reading areas in all classrooms and each year we invest money in new reading and ‘sharing books’. We also have a ‘Book Swap Shed’ which is open each day and has a range of child and adult books. 

Our dedicated phonics scheme is Jolly Phonics and we have the reading books that go alongside: click here. When the children are reading blue Jolly Phonics books fluently and confidently, they select a book from the range of free reading texts in the library.

Each child can choose books from the sharing book boxes in the library to take home. These books are for children to share with their families and friends. The children generally change these once a week but if they want to swap them more often they are more than welcome to change these during the school day. These are different to the reading scheme books that the children have alongside.