Garrick Green

Infant School

Our Curriculum

At Garrick Green Infant School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum during the Reception year and the National Curriculum in Years 1 and 2. We pride ourselves on a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum and we aim to deliver it in a creative and practical way so that our children develop a love of learning. Although our programme of learning follows the National Curriculum, it is by no means limited by it. We extend the curriculum with set weeks throughout the year, which are dedicated to different subjects - For example, Science week, Sports Week, Art Week and International Weeks each term.

In Key Stage 1 English and Maths are taught daily and in addition to this, we do cross curricular topics each term which incorporate as many subject areas as possible. Topic work is investigative and practical and designed to ensure that children build on their skills from the previous year. 

In Reception we follow a planning in the moment approach. For the majority of the day the children are free to follow their own interests through play both in the classrooms and outside. We have a well equipped environment which allows the children to get involved in whatever interests them. We do individualised or small group teaching by joining in their play and moving their learning on. The adults observe the children and when they see anything that they can add to or extend (a teachable moment) they will do the teaching there and then. This can be in the form of communicating, modelling language, showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring ideas, encouraging, questioning, recalling, providing a narrative for what they are doing, facilitating or setting a challenge. There are also short whole class carpet sessions for PSED, phonics, writing, and maths throughout the week.

The EYFS and National Curriculum are summarised in our prospectus, or alternatively, can be viewed by following the links below:

To get a week by week overview of what is happening in each year group, read our class blogs

For any further information about our school curriculum, please contact the Headteacher via the school office.