Garrick Green

Infant School

w/c 10th February 2020

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In English this week the children have been busy planning, writing and editing their diary entries from space! They had lots of things to remember such as time words, describing how they were feeling as well as basic punctuation. We have also been working on editing our work by using more interesting words such as terrified instead of scared.


In Mrs Ellis’s maths groups we have continued to look at shape. We have been exploring lines of symmetry and learning about the different properties of 3D shape. Here are some fun games to play at home…

We printed 3D shapes to explore some of the properties and to describe the shape of the faces, we made 3D shapes to explore the number of faces, edges and vertices.

In Mrs Prophet’s maths they have continued to look at multiplication. Please continue counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help children with this.


In science this week we are looking at comparing the uses of everyday materials- thinking about where materials come from and why different things are used.

After half term it is our second International Week. If you are lucky enough to travel any where in the UK please send us a photo to add to our UK displays in the classroom. You are welcome to email these to Mrs Ellis at

Diary Dates


  • Thursday 13th February 2-330pm HP Parent Teacher interviews
  • Friday 14th February 830-10am HP Parent Teacher interviews
  • Friday 14th February – Last day of half term and non-uniform day for Nelson’s Journey
  • Saturday 15th – Sunday 23rd HALF TERM
  • Monday 24th February – Back to school