Garrick Green

Infant School

Year 2 - 2nd March 2020

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This week in English we have been reading the story George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. The children have then been working really hard to change aspects of the story ready to rewrite it next week. We have thought of a new setting and practised using repetitive language for effect, changed the dragon to make him even more fierce and thought of an even cuter character than the mouse! 



In Mrs Ellis' maths this week we have been thinking about fractions. We began by investigating equal and unequal groups and then moved on to finding half of an object or group of objects. Here is a great video to watch... As part of your home learning it would be great to talk about fractions during meal times. Can you cut the pizza into equal parts? Can you share your orange segments into halves? 

In Mrs Prophet's maths they have been division by sharing. As part of your home learning can you share a packet of sweets by sharing? Can you share 12 sweets between 2? Can you share 12 sweets between 3? Can you share 12 sweets between 4?

Below shows 15 sweets shared between 3 children.

15  ÷ 3 = 5

Image result for division by sharing

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 10th March HP parent teacher interviews 2-3.30pm 

Friday 13th March Sports Relief

Friday 13th March 1.30pm NORSE taster

Friday 20th March non-uniform day in exchange for an Easter egg

Tuesday 31 March Easter Disco

Wednesday 1st April Parent drop in 9.15am-11.30am