Garrick Green

Infant School

Garrick Green Book Club

Thank you Jade for making our Book Club badges -we love them! 

In our Book Club, we used the book ‘Once Upon a Fairy Tale’ to create our own exciting story….

Some of the text was already set and then we could choose different characters, settings and props to develop our own Fairy Tale.  We hope you enjoy it!

Once upon a golden morning in a land ruled by a wise, kind Queen, there was a clever princess who lived in a tower on a windy hill. One fine day, at the door there came a knock, knock…KNOCK!

It was a messenger from the Queen.

‘I come with horrid news’, he said. ‘A villain has cursed our land and turned our dinner into socks. The Queen sent me to find a hero – to fight the villain and break the curse.  I’ve asked in every corner, but no one will go.  Will you be our hero?’

‘I will’ said the hero and took a cloak as red as a berry and went out into the world.

Soon the hero came to a river, and heard a watery ‘Help!’

A merman was trapped in a net. The hero cut the net open and out he leapt.

‘You saved me friend’ he cried.  ‘In thanks I will give you a ring to turn you into a fish’.

‘Thank you’ said the hero and walked on. Before long, the hero came to a garden. In a space between the flowers, some very unusual people were having a feast.

‘Join us’, they cried.

‘Thank you’ said the hero, and sat down to eat roasted stars, mashed snow cloud and fresh –buttered sunbeams, with fairies.

Then the hero came to a mountain, and heard a growly ‘Help!’ A bear king was caught in a trap. The hero snapped the rope and out he leapt.

‘You saved me friend’ he roared. ‘In thanks I will give you a potion to make nasty things nice’.

Thank you said the hero and – too excited to look – fell off the mountain. Down the hero fell – and down. But a kindly moth was flying past, and she caught the hero on her back.  She drifted over the patchwork land…and dropped the hero down in a meadow. The hero came to a bush and heard a tinkly ‘Help!’

A pixie was stuck in a spider’s web. The hero broke the web open and out she leapt.

‘You saved me friend’ she squeaked. ‘In thanks I will give you a shimmery unicorn to come when you call.’

‘Thank you’ said the hero and walked on. At last, the hero came to a deep, dark wood.  No bees buzzed.  No children played.  No birds sang.  Through the trees, a dim light winked.  Creeping closer, the hero saw a dark and twisted castle with guards on every side.  So the hero took out the ring, and swam up the drainpipe. The hero was in a room filled with horrible things.  High on a shelf was a box that said ‘Curses’.  From behind there came a low creak.  The hero spun round and saw the villain – a dragon spitting fire. Trembling the hero grabbed the potion, and made the villain into a nice little baby.

The box of curses went puff and was gone. ‘Hooray!’ shouted the hero and skipped outside.  But all the guards came chasing after.  Closer they came and closer.  The hero reached a cliff – and there was nowhere left to run. 

‘Help!’ yelled the hero – and just then saw the unicorn, and flew away in a cloud of stardust. When the hero got back, the curse was broken.  There was a marvellous party and everyone came. 

‘Hero’ said the Queen, ‘you have saved us all.  In thanks I will give you a magical feast that never ends’.

‘Thank you’ said the hero and everyone cheered.  Then they yawned.  It was late you see.  So they all went home to bed.  Except the hero, who put on a cloak as red as a berry, and went to find a new adventure.

By The Garrick Green Spring 2 Book Club: Charlotte, Juno, Emily, Thomas, Martha, Angus, Sophia, Jacob, Henry, Ellsey, Aida, Emma and Ludo

At Book Club we are also enjoying listening to a chapter book called ‘Call the Puffins’ where a puffin called Muffin is learning how to protect and rescue birds and eggs in danger.

One of the best parts of Book Club is choosing a book to borrow from the library each week.  We know where the fiction and non-fiction books are and are learning how to find a book about something we are interested in.