Garrick Green

Infant School

WNDSSP Sports Trips and Sports Week

Garrick Green Infant school have been in partnership with the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership (WNDSSP) for the last few years. 

WNDSSP work with a large number of schools around Taverham, Costessey, Reepham, Hellesdon and Dereham and provide a range of support such as support in delivering PE, training for staff, competitions, events and festivals.

As part of this we get to take part in a range of sporting activities throughout the year. All of these events have a theme which of engage, develop or compete.

Engage events are non-competitive festivals, carousels or come and try events designed to inspire young people through positive activity experiences. They aim to improve health, develop independence and motivation and to engage new audiences.

Develop events will have a strong emphasis on the School Games Values and primarily focus on supporting the development of physical, personal, emotional, and social health. These events are for pupils who enjoy friendly competition but don’t want to solely focus on winning and losing, instead they focus on supporting pupils’ wider development. They aim to foster social connections, develop physical skills and increase confidence.

Compete events are for pupils who are competitive in nature and enjoy performing and competing against others. Events will be developed and delivered using the School Games principles of competition ensuring SMILES for all. They aim to develop sport specific skills, develop character and life skills and support individual development in sport.

These events are also run in accordance with the School Games Values.

So far this year we have taken groups of 8 -10 Year 2 children to a…

Football Festival at GOALS soccer

Rugby Festival at Crusaders Rugby Club


Gymnastics Festival at Easton Gymnastics Club

PE Festival at Easton Tennis Club

Speed Stacking Festival at the UEA Sports park


Cricket Festival at the UEA Sports park

Athletics Festival at Taverham High School

At these events children get to take part in a range of activities throughout the day.


10 children very much enjoyed their visit to Taverham High school to take part in Tri-Golf Festival. The children worked around a carousel of activities which included…

  • Trigolf darts where children had to putt the ball as close to the middle as they could
  • Putting in a straight line
  • Chipping into hoops
  • Aiming at cones to score points
  • Chipping as far as possible


Sports Week 2023

Every year as well as a traditional Sports Day Garrick Green also hold a Sports Week. This is a chance for children to take part in a broad range of different sports, physical activities and challenges throughout the week. 

This year the children have…

Enjoyed a tennis session with Tom from the National Tennis Association. There are some tennis courts at Old Catton Recreation Ground which you can book out to use!


Been bowled over with cricket sessions from Mr Brister.

Had a kick about, learning football skills, with Mr North from Lodge Lane Infant school.

Experienced archery with Louis from LB Coaching. LB Coaching run our sporting after school clubs.


Throughout the week the children have also been practising skills to help them prepare for sportsweek such as…

  • Running on a track
  • Balancing equipment on different parts of their bodies
  • Jumping over obstacles
  • Agility ladders
  • Passing a baton


Throughout the week children are awarded certificates for their effort, achievement and attitudes towards the different activities.

We finish off the week with Sports Day. This year the children took part in a range of races including egg & spoon, water races, balance & agility plus running heats. The children run in their school teams - Snowdon (green), Scafell Pike (red) and Ben Nevis (blue). Children race in teams with a mixture of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. The winning team receives 3 team points, 2nd place get 2 team points and 3rd place receive 1 team point. We love to celebrate all of the children’s efforts and achievements with a family picnic on the school field after the races are over.