Alderman Peel

High School


The Team 

Team Member Position Email Address
Mr W Boyce Head of Mathematics
Mrs H Barker Lead Practitioner of Mathematics
Mr J Beaumont Teacher of Mathematics
Mr H Murkin Teacher of Mathematics 


Curriculum Intent

The APHS Mathematics curriculum seeks to meet the aims and scope of the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 National Curriculum. Further details of this can be found here.

The school curriculum seeks to provide outstanding personal development by supporting, promoting and instilling the values of APHS - Ambition, Pride, Happiness and Success. The Mathematics curriculum has the following intent

Value Intent
Ambition To use mathematical skills to solve difficult problems that students have seen before and problems that they have no yet encountered. To enjoy struggle.
Pride To work neatly, logically and present work in a conscientious manner. To take pride in your strengths, but to strive to impress area of weakness.
Happiness To develop awe and wonder for how mathematical concepts and principles relate to our daily lives. To enjoy good teaching in a well-behaved environment.
Success To develop high quality numeracy skills as well as the fluency and confidence in Mathematics that allow students to access further education, high education and a successful lifelong career in their chosen field


Curriculum Implementation

Key Stage 3 is delivered in Year 7, 8 and 9 across three years. While students will start to encounter GCSE material and assessment methods during Year 9, Key Stage 4 is formally delivered in Year 10 and 11 across two years.



Curriculum Impact

Progress scores over the previous three years have shown that students consistently make good progress in Maths at APHS, with students from disadvantaged backgrounds making progress in the top 20% of all school nationally.

In 2019, 76% of students achieved at least a grade 4 in English with 47% of students achieving a Grade 5 helping the school to achieve record results.

The Maths department also took part in a national standardisation exercise as a partner school of the Hodder Education PUMA (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment) testing scheme. Along with the GL Assessment Progress Tests series, we use these tools to ensure that progress across KS3 and into KS4 is robustly assessed.