Alderman Peel

High School


Staff: Chloe Beech, Head of Expressive Arts and Teacher of Drama

"We are proud that our students are able to thrive in this environment and not only gain confidence in their own ability to perform, but work with energy and enthusiasm with each other to produce work of quality. With this, they can take ownership of their creations and pride in sharing with others."


Mission Statement:

Drama is a subject that is becoming increasingly valued by businesses, who feel that our young people lack the confidence in interviews, or the ability to present. Within drama, you will not only study the craft of acting and theatre, but you will also learn extremely valuable transferrable skills for example – collaboration, recall, empathy, analysis, evaluation, deconstruction of a given subject, and construction of performance pieces. Along with this, students will touch upon the importance of directional and production skills such as lighting, costume, sound, set and props.  

All Drama lessons are taught by a subject specialist in our purpose-built drama studio. 

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

It is our commitment to provide a curriculum that is stimulating and engaging, presenting topics that capture interest and imagination, and preparing students for the KS4 curriculum. There are a variety of cross-curricular links with other subjects such as English, History, and Music, helping students to succeed in all areas of their education.

Studied at KS3:

  • Collaboration skills
  • The history of theatre
  • Conventions of Drama
  • A variety of play texts
  • Devising skills
  • Performance styles
  • Exploring themes, issues, and topics

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Drama at Key Stage 4 is an enjoyable if at times demanding option. It is both practical and creative, along with its focus on written exploration and evaluation. Attendance on theatre trips and involvement in workshops and in-school performances are essential features of work in drama at Key Stage 4. Many students go on to study Drama and Performing Arts and support for applications and audition is available. 

AQA is the awarding body for GCSE Drama - view/download the specification document below

  • Component 1: Understanding Drama Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes (Closed book) - 40%
  • Component 2: Devising Drama Non-exam assessment: internally assessed, externally moderated – 40%
  • Component 3: Texts in Practice Purely Practical Assessment: externally assessed by a visiting examiner – 20%


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • The Alderman Peel Performing Arts Department works with different organisations such as Youth Norfolk Arts Festival, in association with The Garage in Norwich, and has hosted regional auditions for the National Youth Theatre
  • There are additional opportunities for students which include: KS3 Drama Clubs, More Able, Gifted and Talented Performances, and our whole school production showcase every December
  • We hold workshops hosting both national and local theatre companies and Professional practitioners in different specialisms of drama
  • Live theatre is extremely important for an appreciation of the arts and generating ideas in practical work, and we aim to visit both local and national theatres as much as possible throughout the school year