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At The Wensum Trust, we take a different approach to education. We want every child to develop into high achieving, confident, healthy, caring and resilient members of their family and community. In order to achieve this, we understand that developing strong, positive relationships through a relational approach is key. We are committed to working with the right people, alongside key strategic partners, in order to deliver a highly successful, forward thinking and innovative style of education.

Our approach is not only aimed at supporting children and their families, but it extends to our wider communities and to all of our staff. We want our schools to be healthy environments in which both children and staff can develop academically, whilst learning how to relate to others - to be good friends; to become good employees, good parents and good citizens. We are therefore committed to working with the most able people that possess qualities that align with our own.

Our Qualities

  • Relational — we develop positive relationships with all of our children and adults, to help everyone feel part of a team.
  • Self-Awareness — we recognise and manage our own emotions, thoughts and behaviours and understand how these can impact others.
  • Curiosity and Acceptance — we are curious around the reasons behind others' behaviours, accepting all feelings and beliefs.
  • Empathetic — we understand the emotions and thoughts of others, and feel a natural desire to support. 
  • Reflective — we have the courage to reflect, make changes and are keen to learn.

If you would like to be a part of something special, and are interested in joining us on the journey to positive, transformative change in education, then we want to hear from you. You can browse through our current vacancies below, or visit our Why Work With Us page to download an application form for a future vacancy.

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