Our Members & Trustees

Our Members

Name Appointed Term of Office 
Chloe Smith 14/03/16 update in progress
Tom Bailey 14/03/16 update in progress
John Smith 22/06/18 update in progress
Sarah Naish 20/04/21 update in progress
Norman Lamb (Honorary member) 20/04/21 update in progress

Members Register of Business Interest (2020-21)

Name Nil Return (if app) Organisation Nature of Interest Interest from Interest ceased Signed Notes
Chloe Smith Yes Member of Parliament and Government Minister       Jan 2022  
Tom Bailey   Notre Dame Prep School Governor 2012   Sept 2020 updated return awaited
John Smith   The Wensum Trust Chair of Trust Board 12/04/16   Sept 2020  
Sarah Niash Yes Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma       Jan 2022  



Our Trustees

All Wensum Trust Trustees are appointed by our members.

Name Role Appointed Term of Office 
Mr John Smith Chair of Trustees 12/04/16 12/04/20 - 11/04/24
Mrs Mary Richards Vice Chair of Trustees 01/04/12 12/04/20 - 11/04/24
Mr Patrick Gorman Trustee 12/04/16 12/04/20 - 11/04/24
Mr Daniel Thrower CEO/Trustee 14/03/16 01/09/19 - 31/08/23
Mr Jason Tipple Trustee 08/05/18 08/05/18 - 07/05/22
Rev Louise Alder Trustee 08/05/18 08/05/18 - 07/05/22
Mr David Riddle Trustee 26/07/21 26/07/21 - 25/07/25
Ms Zaliha Williamson Trustee (resigned) 01/08/19 01/08/19 - 23/01/22
Mr Edwin Pearson Trustee (resigned) 06/06/16 06/06/20 - 31/07/21
Mrs Maria Piper Trustee (resigned) 26/06/21 26/06/21 - 01/10/21

Trustee Pen Portraits

Mr John Smith

Trustee - Chair

John is a former senior manager in Aviva’s Legal function. He has extensive experience in areas including strategic planning, leading and developing teams of professionals, change management, business improvement and procurement.

He was an early member of the Law Society’s Law Management section and actively engaged in developing the Law Society’s Lexcel quality standard for in-house legal teams. John also has many years of governance and school improvement experience.

Mrs Mary Richards

Trustee – Vice Chair
Chair of Governors at Hellesdon High School

Mary has been a manager at Norfolk County Council for over 30 years. She has management experience of finance, managing premises, transport, school/academy governance and child employment. More recently, Mary and her team are working alongside public health colleagues in Norfolk’s response to Covid and in supporting school leaders, in a variety of settings, from early years to higher education. Mary has been volunteering as a governor for over 15 years and in addition to being Vice Chair of The Wensum Trust, is Chair of Governors in a Local Authority maintained Primary school.

Mr Patrick Gorman


Patrick is a mining engineer with forty years of managerial, technical and project experience in a wide range of business, cultural and climatic environments and commodities.  Patrick has worked on over 100 projects in 60 countries, acquiring hands-on experience in the formation, management and legal representation of a range of exploration, mining, consulting and construction companies and has served as either a non-executive director or executive director of public and private companies in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Patrick served his community as a Magistrate in Norwich for 10 years and was a volunteer Generalist Advisor for 3 years at Citizens Advice Great Yarmouth. He was also a trustee of the Citizens Advice Diss, Thetford & District trust for 5 years.

Mr Daniel Thrower


Daniel Thrower has been Headteacher at Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School for many years. Daniel guided the school to Academy status [the school converted to a ‘stand-alone’ academy on 1 June 2013], one of the first infant schools in the region to do so and he is a founding member of the Norfolk Schools and Theatre Royal Trust.  In March 2015, the school achieved ‘Outstanding’ grades in all five areas.

Daniel has extensive experience of managing, resourcing and overseeing a successful school and Academy ensuring sustainability and long term investment.

Mr David Riddle

Chair of Governors at Alderman Peel High School

[update in progress]




Mr Jason Tipple


Following a short career in the food industry, Jason entered financial services in 1992 and had a variety of roles including mortgage and business finance underwriting, ending up in the online business of Moneyfacts, the financial research company. After a big lifestyle change in 2003, he started a microbrewery which continues to trade successfully, recently adding a micro distillery to the business and also running 2 pubs.

Jason became a community governor at Garrick Green Infant School in Spring 2012 joining, and ultimately chairing, the Finance and Premises Committee, ensuring the school maintained a surplus budget. He was elected Chair of Governors in September 2015 and during his time as Chair, has seen the school receive a very positive Ofsted inspection and helped guide and support the school through the decision to apply for academy status and ultimately, joining The Wensum Trust.

Both of Jason's children attended Garrick Green, and are now in Years 8 and 9 at high school.

"Garrick Green is an awesome school and I enjoy being part of it. I think I am a dedicated and enthusiastic governor and am happy to give the time it takes to do it justice. I’m able to provide both challenge and support to the school leadership team and I approach my trustee role with the Wensum Trust with equal enthusiasm."

Rev Louise Alder


Reverend Louise Alder, Vicar of Hellesdon (St Mary’s, St Michael’s and St Paul’s), and her family are all involved with education in a variety of ways. A Priest since 2002, Louise began her ministry on the Isle of Wight, where she lived before moving as a family to Norfolk in 2007. Her ministry in Norfolk began as a vicar of a number of rural parishes before moving to take up her current post in Hellesdon in March 2014. Louise has always been involved with ministry to children, young people and families - sje seeks to ensure that there are opportunities for all round development through learning and new experiences which enables individuals to discover who they are created to be and to take their place as responsible citizens.

Trustee Register of Business Interest (2021-22)

Name Nil return (if app) Organisation Nature of Interest Interest from Interest ceased Signed
John Smith Yes     25/09/18   Nov 2021
Mary Richards   Robert Kett Primary School Governor 09/2018   Nov 2021
Patrick Gorman   Puma Resources Ltd MD 07/1991   Nov 2021
Citizens Advice Diss & Thetford District Charity Trustee not known 30/07/21
Daniel Thrower   The Wensum Trust CEO 01/09/19   Nov 2021
  Garrick Green Infant School Sister-in-law employed as a TA at GGIS 04/03/19  
Jason Tipple   Tipple's Brewery Ltd Director 03/09/19   Oct 2020
Garrick Green Infant Chair of Governors 01/09/19  
Louise Alder Yes         Nov 2021
David Tipple   Alderman Peel High School Governor 01/10/21    


Trustees Attendance Register, Sep 2021 - Aug 2022 

Trustee Full Board Budget & Infrastructure Wellbeing & Achievement Headteacher Presentations Remuneration Risk & Audit
John Smith 8/8 6/6 3/3 2/2 4/4 4/4
Mary Richards 5/8 6/6 - - - -
Patrick Gorman 8/8 6/6 1/3 2/2 4/4 -
Daniel Thrower 8/8 6/6 3/3 2/2 4/4 -
Jason Tipple 8/8 - - - 4/4 4/4
Louise Alder 4/8 - 2/3 - 1/4 3/4
Zaliha Williamson 2/8 - - - - 4/4
Lisa Morgan 2/8 - - - - 1/4
David Riddle 5/8 - 3/3 2/2 -