Continuous Education Journey

The Wensum Trust aims to provide a consistent education pathway, from Early Years to Sixth Form, for the children and families of Norfolk.

Developing positive relationships with every child and their family, through our relational approach, allows our schools to offer the appropriate care and support that enables every child to reach their full potential. By getting to know you and by understanding your child’s individual needs, we aim to create a pathway that supports their interests, career aspirations and most importantly, their confidence.

Together, our school hubs aim to provide continuous, linked-up, high quality education for the children in our communities. Staff teams work closely together, across schools, so that children can benefit from seamless transitions and can progress onto the next stage of their educational journey with a sense of familiarity and belonging.


  • Consistent, high quality education with linked-up curriculums.
  • Seamless transitions
  • Less disruption in children’s learning pathway
  • Ability to build long-standing relationships with friends from early years to 16+
  • Familiarity with future schools in your child’s progression
  • Collaborative teaching and learning resources
  • Consistent Trust-wide approach to behaviour
  • Access to increased extra-curricular activities, supported by our unique partnership programme.

Our Safeguarding networks allow our SEND Co-ordinators and Pastoral staff to meet on a regular basis and, by working together, ensure that we offer consistent, wrap-around-care for those who need it the most. This helps to alleviate much of the concerns that children and their families often experience when moving schools. 

Curriculum planning meetings allow our Curriculum and Subject Leads to collaborate across schools, with a clear focus on transition years. This enables our teachers to set work at the correct levels, and to build on existing knowledge and content without having to repeat topics that children may have already encountered in their previous school.

Our Wensum English Hub, based at Heather Avenue, also plays a huge part in ensuring that our schools maintain a consistent high-quality approach to the teaching of phonics and reading.

Throughout the academic year, children have numerous opportunities to attend activities and events at other Wensum Trust schools. These include sporting competitions, language fairs, school productions, science fairs, as well as the usual transition visits that take place during the summer term. This means that children will have usually spent lots of time at their new school before their first day and will already know the school site and their new teacher(s). We believe that the familiarity this forms allows children to feel safe and secure, and enabling them to approach their new chapter with excitement, rather than the apprehension that is often associated with starting at a new school.

Our hub model is designed to ensure that children can always be in a Wensum Trust school, throughout their education – and we are committed to achieving this aim for the children and families in our communities.

Our Coastal Hub 

Seamless Provision from Nursery to High School (ages 3-16)

Our Rural Hub

We are currently seeking to expand our Rural Hub, which currently includes: