Food For Families

Students at Acle Academy have been collecting food today to help feed families over the half-term break.

The school held a non-uniform day but rather than donating money, students have contributed food for the Acle Food bank. The donations will be distributed to the Acle community and surrounding areas this week. 

The idea originated from the Student Service Area Charity group who decided to make the Acle Foodbank their chosen 
charity to support this year in light of the current cost of living crisis. Students and teachers felt that it was especially important to help donate today, with next week being half-term and school kitchens will be closed. 

Principal Helen Watts said: "Service to others is a key feature of our schools’ ethos. We have six service areas within our school community and all children work within the service areas to help our school and community. This helps students to become responsible future citizens and echoes our Wensum Trust strategic aim of developing the ‘whole child’. We know that many families rely on our hot meal school provision and may be worried as we enter a half-term holiday.

"Although some families receive the Local Authority funded grant of £15 per month, this doesn’t stretch very far with the cost of food in supermarkets today. At Acle Academy, we offer free breakfast in addition to the free school meal for eligible children. Our School’s Parliament has recently campaigned to offer a free snack at break time for students in receipt of free school meals and this will be introduced after half-term. 

"We are very proud of the community spirit and care for others shown by our students. The support from students and their families today has been tremendous." 

Grace Powell, Year 11 student at Acle Academy and Head of the Charity Service said: "Due to the rise in food prices 
 I thought this would be a more meaningful way to help people and would be more beneficial than simply bring in £1."

Sally Aldridge from Acle Foodbank said: "We are overwhelmed by the support the Academy students have given Acle Foodbank. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved, including the caretakers, for their help.  It is greatly appreciated."

“ I think it is better for the community because it helps people straight away when they need it.”

Seb Smith, Year 11

“Food banks are good because people can barely afford to pay their rent.”

Dylan, Year 8

"I think it’s a good idea to help people who need it because you can’t get much in the shops nowadays as it’s so expensive!” 

Chloe, Year 7