Hellesdon High School

500 Merits on ClassCharts

Congratulations to our students that have achieved over 500 merits on ClassCharts!

Students who have received over 500 merits on ClassCharts are:

Year 7 - Oliver B, Lilah S, Ava-Lily O, Scarlett C, Celine M, Eden S, Lainey H, Amelia E, Elsie H-S, George R, Evie P, Riah-Leigh C-P & Tabby G

Year 8 - Charlie B, Emre S, Rakele K, Chloe G, Toby S, Gracie C, Kamilis S & Oliver W

Year 9 - Luke O, Isabelle A, Sonny M, Kyle F, Zoe B, Charlie W, Lexie W, Jack B & Madison M

Year 10 - Gracious A

We are so proud of you all! Keep up the good work!