Hellesdon High School

Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and Reporting Guidance 2023/24

The purpose of reports is to provide students, parents, teachers, and leaders with the information they need to:
- Evaluate performance,
- Celebrate success,
- Identify next steps for driving academic achievement.
A wide range of assessment is utilised by teachers in order to ensure that adaptive teaching sits at the heart of the classroom, tailoring the delivery to the context of the learners at any given moment. Topic knowledge tests, and end of year summative testing provide a robust and benchmarked measure of performance in relation to targets, which are set around ambition for all. 
In Year 10 and 11, students have opportunities to sit their PPE (mock) examinations in the same environment as the GCSE summer examinations, allowing them to develop their exam practice as well as test their subject knowledge.
All assessment, prior to the Year 11 final examinations, is used formatively to identify vulnerable knowledge and provide appropriate,impactful interventions and adaptations to curriculum delivery.
The report guidance below provides further detail about the information contained within reports, and also how best to use reports to drive academic excellence from home.

You can access the latest information on your child’s progress via the Parent App, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet.