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“The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity and that means finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books, and letting them read them’

– Neil gaiman

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Welcome to Hellesdon High School Library

Librarian: Mrs Oz

Email: Library@hellesdon.net

Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 15:30, Friday 08:00 - 15:00



Reading is very important at Hellesdon High School, we are proud of our library and its role in the day to day life of our school.

Our library is centrally located and is a bright open space which offers both a calm and vibrant environment. It is a place where you can sit, relax, read a good book and escape the hustle and bustle of school life. It is also a place where you can be inspired, where you can learn new skills and be challenged to expand your wider reading.

A reading book is part of school equipment and students should have one with them at all times. There will be opportunities for reading throughout the school day including at the start of some lessons and during our regular Drop Everything And Read sessions.










All KS3 students have a timetabled library lesson each fortnight where your English teacher will support you with your reading. You will learn how to navigate and use the library, how to choose what you could and should read, explore genres and look at texts in-depth. You will have the chance to browse new books, engage in book talk with classmates as well as spend time honing your reading skills.



The library has a wide range of high quality fiction which will help you to embrace a love of reading for pleasure as well as non-fiction texts that will support your academic studies.

Reading for pleasure has been shown to be an indicator not just for improved literacy leading to increased academic outcomes but it also enhances concentration, focus and general wellbeing.

We have over 16,000 books including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, classics, graphic novels and manga. Our fiction is organised by genre, including humour, fantasy, teen life, historical, sci-fi, dystopian, horror, sports, adventure, mystery, animal stories, romance and crime. We ensure we reflect both our readership and current issues of importance to young people such as LGBTQ+ books, black authors and books that celebrate diversity. We aim to make sure the library is accessible to all students by offering dyslexic-friendly books, quick reads and all of our books are labelled by level so that students can confidently choose texts that they will be able to read easily.


We are open during all break times and lunchtimes when you can browse the shelves or speak to our librarian to share recommendations or ask for advice on finding your next book.

We run library lunchtime clubs every day when you can take part in a range of different activities:

  • Create a manga masterpiece
  • Work on a collaborative jigsaw
  • Try your hand at creative writing
  • Play chess, draughts or UNO with friends
  • Enjoy a range of board-games on “Games Friday”.

We have a quiet reading corner for those who are keen just to lose themselves in their book. You can also use the computers in the study area for independent learning, research and homework.











We celebrate many special days in the library – marking literary events such as World Book Day, Banned Book Week and Harry Potter Day as well as pop-up displays of books commemorating other notable dates such as Remembrance Day, Pride month and Refugee week.

We have a packed timetable of events running throughout the year – from making origami hearts for Valentine’s day to folding damaged books into book hedgehogs during World Book Day workshops.



Borrow up to 3 books for up to 3 weeks.

Renew a book if you haven’t finished reading it after 3 weeks.

Reserve a book that you want to read that someone else has borrowed.

Suggest a book that you would like to read – if it’s something that will be a good fit for our library we will order it in and you will be the first to read it!

Students are encouraged to value books and are responsible for the books they borrow. We expect books to be returned on time and in good condition. Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced or paid for.


Our amazing team of Year 7 Reading Champions work in the library to promote reading throughout the school.

Our incredible Student Librarians help run the library desk and are here to answer your queries or help you find what book you are looking for.

Take part in our regular reading challenges or writing competitions – there’s always a prize up for grabs!

Student Librarians
Year 7 Reading Champions


LIBRARY NEWS! Coming soon!

A Library blog is in the works, which will launch very soon! We will announce this in the bulletin and Tutor Bulletin.