Hellesdon High School


Homework plays an important role in helping children learn and remember the content they are taught in school.  Your child will be set a variety of homework by their teachers including practice questions, reading and revision of key concepts or vocabulary.

As your child gets older it can become more difficult to support them with the subjects they are studying, however you can still provide excellent support for your child by ensuring that they have a quiet, distraction free space to complete their homework in.  Homework club also runs in the library after school each day.

Homework is set via Google Classroom.  You should have received an email invitation to be a parent/guardian for your child’s Google Classroom.  This will provide you with regular updates on the work that is being set.  An FAQ on Google Classroom Guardian emails can be found here.  If you have not received an invitation please contact your child’s tutor.

Revision of key content is always important and as children get closer to their final exams will become a bigger part of their work at home.  Below are some useful materials to help you support your child effectively with revision.


Retrieval Practice Overview for Parents/Carers/Families Video here

How to Write Flash Cards Website 

Effective Revision Strategies, please see the attached PDF document on this page: