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Collecting exam results


Year 11 – Results can be collected from school between 9am and 11am

Year 10 – Results can be collected from school between 9.30am and 11am


Results can be collected from Hellesdon High School between 9am and 11am

PLEASE NOTE: Results will only be issued to candidates. Parents, other family members and friends will NOT be able to collect results for a candidate without written notification signed by the candidate or the candidate having previously completed the relevant consent form. These are available from Mrs Gurney in the Exams Office (GCSE) or from the Sixth Form Office (GCE).

Results service for external qualifications

In accordance with the Code of Practice for the conduct of external qualifications by QCA, Hellesdon High School is committed to ensuring that:

  • Pupils and parents/guardians are made aware of the range of post-results services.
  • Pupils receive complete and correct results for the external qualification they have undertaken.
  • Sufficient advice is given to pupils and parent/guardian before any enquiry is submitted to the Awarding Body.
  • Pupils and parent/guardians are kept informed, in writing, of all steps in the enquiry process.

Post-results service

Missing and Incomplete Results

The school is committed to pursuing all such cases immediately they become apparent. Pupils will be informed in writing of all relevant correspondence.

Enquires about Results

There are four main avenues of enquiry:

  • Clerical re-check – the Awarding Body will check that all marks have been totalled correctly and that grades have been correctly awarded.
  • Remarking – the written examination scripts will be remarked by a senior examiner at the Awarding Body.
  • Remoderation – this involves the Awarding Body re-evaluating the marking of coursework elements. This would usually involve the work of a group of pupils.
  • Return of scripts – The school can apply for the return of a pupil’s examination papers.

All four courses of action will need to be taken within 14 days of the results being available. There is a cost involved which can be quite large. All Awarding Bodies insist that enquiries come directly via the school and therefore there are two possible routes which might lead to enquiry:-

The School may instigate an enquiry and obtain the permission of the pupil and parent/guardian to proceed. In such a case the School would meet the cost.

A pupil or parent/guardian might request the enquiry which may or may not be supported by the School. If the request is not supported by the School, the cost would need to be borne by the pupil/guardian. The decision regarding support would lie with the Assistant Headteacher responsible for exams, to whom any appeal would be made.

It is imperative that, pupils, parents and guardians are aware that enquiries could result in marks or grades staying the same, going up or in many cases going DOWN.

Information for Candidates