Hellesdon High School

500 Merits on ClassCharts

We've had a huge amount of students achieve over 500 merits on ClassCharts recently!

We are so pleased to see so many of our wonderful students hitting this huge milestone! Well done to:

Year 7 - Layla S-R, Max C, Eljay B, Sophia G, Isaac L, Max H, Rose S, Sophie O, Esme J, Radina K, Chloe H, Maddie S, Max W & Arlo L

Year 8 - Matilda B, Oliver B, Finley U, Alice S, Daisy B, Maisy N & Jacob R

Year 9 - Lexie P, Millicent T, Eva M, Kyle C, Erol S & Jack S

Year 10 - Leah H