Hellesdon High School

Exploring the Past and Future of Computing at Bletchley Park

On Monday 11th December forty IT and Computer Science students visited Bletchley Park. 

This historic site holds a special place in computing history as the primary location where British codebreakers played a pivotal role in deciphering encrypted messages during World War II. Our students had the opportunity to step into the footsteps of these pioneers and witness the birthplace of modern computing.

During the visit, our students delved into the rich history of Bletchley Park, including exploring iconic Codebreaking Huts, examining the Enigma machines the Nazi’s used to encrypt their messages as well as learning about the history of and developments in encryption.  The trip provided an immersive experience, blending the past and present, allowing our budding tech enthusiasts to connect with the roots of their discipline.

Beyond the historical significance, Bletchley Park also serves as a beacon for the future of IT and Computer Science, inspiring our students to embrace innovation and problem-solving in their academic pursuits.  This excursion was to not only expanded our students' knowledge but to hopefully foster a sense of appreciation for the transformative power of technology.


Some comments from students:

"The radio museum was an incredible learning environment, with welcoming staff who explained everything perfectly, learning how easily you can contact the entire globe has shown me the advancements in technology we have made" - Lukas J

"I found the trip very interesting, informative and enjoyable.  My favourite part was the radio museum.  I learned a lot about how radios work and the qualification needed to operate them" - Bradley K

"Overall, I enjoyed the trip but especially liked the radio section.  I also learnt about different types of encryption which I find interesting" - Aiden R