Hellesdon High School

GCSE Results Day

On the 20th August 2020, staff welcomed Year 11 students back into school to collect their GCSE results.

The week leading up to GCSE Result Day has been a particularly difficult time for our Year 11 students, as they waited to find out what their results were going ot be based on amidst various news reports. 

We were pleased to see that the feeling amongst the majority of our students and their families, as they collected their grades in the Sports Hall, was on of relief.

We got the chance to speak to a few of them about their results and how the pandemic has affected their final year at school...

Lucy Goodson (4 grade 9s) didn't sit any exams this year, but was happy with the results she received today. "This year definitely didn't go how I expected it to. I haven't had any time in school for about six months, so it's probably going to be a real struggle when we go back, but I am looking forward to it". She went on to say "I have found it a bit stressful, because I assumed I was going to be down-graded, but it's all worked out in the end".

Eloise Neave was also happy with her results. Her mother said "We were a bit nervous but it is what it is - Eloise was prepared to revise really hard but that has been taken away from her."

Jessica Fare (pictured above with her mother) had received 4 grade 9s in her mock exams earlier in the year. Today, she was delighted to discover that she had been awarded 5 grade 9s. "I thought this year was going to be really scary, with lots of work. But my progress has given be confidence and today is a good end to the whole experience.... even with Covid! It will be nice when everything goes back to normal". Jessica's mum, who was just as happy, said "I'm overwhelmed! My eldest child is receiving her GCSEs, so this is a new experience for me - and because of all the uncertainty surrounding results, I thought she would get downgraded because she is a high-achiever... that would have been hugely disappointing because she's worked so hard throughout school".


When asked how she felt about recent events, Beth Barnard (pictured above, left) said "I really enjoyed the start of lockdown and having time to myself but I'm a bit fed up now and want to get back to normal".


Lewis Lawrence (pictured above, far right), who was due to re-sit an English Language exam this year, said "I've just gone with the flow... but I can see why certain people have struggled during lockdown, and how important it is for us to have their friends around." 

"We were delighted to see so many Year 11 students collecting their results. It was fantastic to see them open up their envelopes and celebrate their numerous successes. We know this has been a very difficult year, but they now move on to their next steps with the grades that they have worked hard for and fully deserve".

-mr earl & mr rolfe, school principals


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your GCSE results, please click here to contact us.

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