Tracy Lear Tribute

Our school community says goodbye to a much loved friend and long-standing, valued member of staff at Alderman Peel High School.

On 7 November 2021, our school community was deeply saddened to receive the sudden news that Tracy Lear had passed away following a tragic accident. 

Tracy's ties to Alderman Peel High School date as far back as 1978, when she attended the school as a student. She remained close to the community and dedicated 20 years of her career working at the school - starting as a cleaner in 1997, before pursuing a highly successful career as a Teaching Assistant, supporting children with special educational needs, between 2005-2021.

Mr Ogle, School Principal, speaks on behalf of the school community in saying "The staff and students were all incredibly shocked and deeply, deeply saddened to hear of Tracy's passing. Our thoughts are with her husband, children and her wider family at this time".

"Tracy was loved and respected by everyone she worked with and by all the students she supported. She was kind, thoughtful, caring and had an amazing ability to make children realise that they could be more successful than they had previously believed."

- Mr Ogle, School Principal

In her role as both a specialist Maths Teaching Assistant and a Maths Instructor, Mrs Lear demonstrated a gift for motivating and inspiring children. She supported individual students with significant learning challenges, as well as groups and whole classes, who all benefited from her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support. She would lift a student's expectations of themselves and, with her great expertise and care, would help them to achieve their goals.   

Whilst working at APHS, Tracy's children also attended the school. Those that taught Jack and George will know that they both share their mother's resilience, her strength of character, and her fantastic sense of humour. 

"Tracy was a much loved member of the APHS Maths department and a dear friend to us all. She was hugely respected by staff and students alike, offering invaluable support and encouragement to everyone she worked with. Her passing has left a huge heart-shaped hole in our department."

- Mrs Barker, Maths Teacher

In honour of her memory, Tracy's family are organising an annual Maths award, titled Tracy Lear Maths Award, for Alderman Peel High School to award to students for years to come. 

Staff Tributes

"Tracy was wonderful role model and mentor for all our students. She helped countless students achieve grades in Maths that will have opened doors for them and given them better prospects and brighter hope for the future. The impact she has had on young people's lives over the past 20 years is truly immeasurable"
- Matt Hardman, Vice Principal

"One of my best friends, Tracy was the 'go to' friend when you needed a chat. She always listened and supported you without judgement. I will always treasure her spin on life, making us crease with laughter, as only Trace would describe it in her hilarious manner. One of the happiest human beings I've known." 
-  Lisa Yarham, Teaching Assistant

"It really is impossible to put a lifetime into a few words. I have so many cherished memories... I went to primary then secondary school with Tracy and made more memories working alongside her at APHS. Tracy was a lovely, caring, fun person and a great friend who was very proud of her family. More recently, we regularly shared pictures of our new grandchildren. I really miss her."
- Kim Gibson, Administrator

"Tracy knew and understood all the students that she supported and helped, just as they knew and understood her. Pragmatic and resourceful, often direct, Tracy's role in supporting students had grown substantially over recent years - an indication of the faith that all those around her had in her abilities as a teacher, a mentor and as a trusted adult. She leaves us at the height of her powers, at the very top of her game, a well-liked and highly respected colleague to all and a friend and confidante to those with whom she worked most closely." 
- Bill Boyce, Head of Maths

"Tracy had a way of connecting with others. A kind, compassionate listener, guide and teacher to so many young people, whilst being a friend - with a wicked sense of humour." 
- Sarah Murkin, Head of English

"Tracy loved the crafty, creative side of Maths. When we did those activities, she would end up with a group of students around her to borrow her good colouring pens/pencils, all calmly working away. The Maths and English team spent many of their lunchtimes together. Tracy's stories and wicked sense of humour was always fun. We would chat about our shared interest in cycling." 
- Huw Murkin, Maths Teacher


Student Tributes

After receiving the tragic news, students carried out a Star from a Circle activity to allow everyone to leave a message for Mrs Lear. All of the stars and personal messages were passed on to the family, in time to be placed with Tracy at her funeral, which took place on 28 November 2021 at St Nicholas Church in Wells.