Hellesdon High School

Year ​8


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Endangered animal mug and packaging design.

  • How to profile a target group.
  • Research methods to identify and understand user needs.
  • The properties of paper/board, its manufacture and environmental impact.
  • How to write a specification taking into account a target group
  • How to create and develop design ideas with understanding of the graphic design components e.g. composition, colour, typography & image
  • Use of Adobe software to create surface graphics for a souvenir mug, packaging, postcards etc.
  • Use of specialist tools and equipment e.g. heat transfer machine.
  • How to analyse the work of past and present design professionals.

Students will be teacher assessed on the following areas after completion of tasks: Research /Design Development/Final piece.


Teacher advice will be given to allow students to develop and improve their work during lessons.


Each project will be assessed out of 20. Research = 10 marks and Design development/final piece = 10 marks.

Spring Term




Summer Term