Hellesdon High School

Year ​8


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Improvisation and Devising

  • From poetry, text, music, images, film, props, set and costume
  • Collaboration and development of performance work
  • Improvising games
  • Devised performances with tableaux, thought tracks, narration
  • Text based work
  • Devised physical sequences
  • Characterisation
  • Body and movement as a means of communication
  • Symbolism and a non-linear structure

Vocab Quiz

Spring Term


Lord of the Flies


  • Links to anti-bullying week
  • Themes, characters, narrative, physical theatre, voice and chanting
  • Chorus
  • Status
  • Creating Mood and Atmosphere
  • Creating contrasts
  • Creating aims for the audience
  • Characterisation


  • Develop understanding of play structure, scenes and acts
  • Devising from a script, dramatic adaptation skill
  • Lighting and tech
  • Dramatic mediums soundscape, physical theatre, though tracks
  • Development of genre, style, mood and atmosphere

Summer Term



  • Introduction to contemporary British theatre making
  • Site specific theatre
  • Multi-role and characterisation
  • Ensemble work
  • Physical theatre
  • Narration
  • Vocal development of accent, pitch, pace and tone

Vocab Quiz

  • Whoosh Plot
  • Character analysis
  • Style,genre, context,
  • Musicality, themes
  • Collaborative performance