Hellesdon High School

Year 12


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

  • Introduction to A Level Media
  • Media Products, Industries and Audiences (Component 1)
  • Concepts in theoretical framework: media language, representation, industries, audiences and contexts
  • Analysing set products from Component 1 covering the following forms: advertising, film marketing, music videos, newspapers
  • A minimum of two essay style questions in class
  • Practical production grade

Spring Term


  • Media Products, Industries and Audiences (Component 1)
  • Media Forms & Products in Depth (Component 2)
  • Research for Non-Exam Assessment Production.


  • Develop understanding of theoretical framework through analysis of set and unseen products covering key forms
  • Beginning to look at magazines for products in depth
  • Research and planning for individual final production based on briefs released by the exam board
  • A minimum of one exam style question
  • Practical production grade

Summer Term


  • Non-Exam Assessment Research, Planning and Productions


  • Media Forms & Products in Depth


  • How research, plan and create cross-media productions
  • Exploring TV texts to inform NEA production planning and prepare for Component 2
  • A working grade for NEA
  • Progress Exam
  • Knowledge Tests