Hellesdon High School


The Psychology curriculum ensures that we teach students beyond ‘what they just need to know’ for the exam as this is a relatively small number of things. We secure this knowledge by embedding it in a much more extensive knowledge base that incorporates lots of other things, some of which might not immediately be relevant, or which may simply be additional examples. At the time these may not be strictly necessary (students could cope without these extras) but, in the long run, the cumulative weight of what has been learnt becomes significant.
This includes:

  • Engaging with current professionals, researchers and HE provision (‘Brain Day’ – Dr Guy Sutton Year 13)
  • Drawing on contemporary research literature
  • Students using original literature
  • Students completing primary research (Summer 2 Year 12)
  • Students engaging in research/theory that is beyond specification
  • Using contemporary cultural examples to demonstrate relationship of research to human behaviour