Hellesdon High School

PTA Lottery

The PTA Lottery Draw is a fun and easy way to raise funds for the school, whilst also giving members of our community the chance to win one of 3 cash prizes, every month.

Half of the income raised by our monthly lottery is paid out in prize money, and everyone is welcome to take part. Only £1 per number. All you need to do is complete the sign up form below - The more people in the draw, the higher the prize fund! 


Prize Winners

July 2024

1st Prize £45 no.151 B Clapham
2nd Prize £20 no.34 T Knight
3rd Prize £10 no.292 D Cator

June 2024

1st Prize £45 no.87 T Rolfe
2nd Prize £20 no.28 C Jones
3rd Prize £10 no.298 E Saxton

May 2024

1st Prize £40 no.164 A Penton
2nd Prize £20 no.286 L Starling
3rd Prize £10 no.31 A Youd

April 2024

1st Prize £40 no.128 S Carpenter
2nd Prize £20 no.124 K Hynd
3rd Prize £10 no.21 M Grainger

March 2024

1st Prize £40 no.224 R Taylor
2nd Prize £20 no.226 R Taylor
3rd Prize £10 no.316 R Watts

February 2024

1st Prize £40 no.122 K Hynd
2nd Prize £20 no.116 H Hanner
3rd Prize £10 no.147 G Cashman

January 2024

1st Prize £35 no.226 R Taylor
2nd Prize £20 no.1 H Neal
3rd Prize £10 no.239 SJ Schindler

December 2023

1st Prize £40 no.88 T Rolfe
2nd Prize £20 no.144 G Cashman
3rd Prize £10 no.93 N Sayer

November 2023

1st Prize £35 no.85 L Garrod
2nd Prize £20 no.51 J Storey
3rd Prize £10 no.135 R Lilley

October 2023

1st Prize £35 no.211 S Bailey
2nd Prize £20 no.192 N Borad
3rd Prize £10 no.295 G Black

September 2023

1st Prize £35 no.115 M Hanner
2nd Prize £20 no.147 G Cashman
3rd Prize £10 no.134 R Lilley